Africa’s Magnificent Big Five Ostrich Egg-Free Domestic Shipping- includes a base



Africa’s Magnificent Big Five Hand Painted Ostrich Egg is a unique collectible figurine perfect for any animal lover’s home or office.

First each egg is a beautiful piece because of the intricate handiwork put in to make the piece a delicate design.

  • One-of-a-kind Collectible: This figurine is made from a decoupaged egg making it an incredibly unique addition to your collection.
  • African Wildlife Themed: The theme  revolves around Africa’s Big 5 animals, which are the lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros.
  • Ideal Home or Office Decor: Add a touch of exoticism to your living space,  place on your office desk for inspiration .
  • Secondly  Proudly display your great taste of style in interior design.

Third give this unique gift to your loved ones as a way of appreciating nature.

The hand painted egg comes in 2 variation:

1.Black.      2.Orange- Red (sunset color) Each egg has the map of Africa at the back

No need to buy a base it comes with one.

Lastly give it as a gift to a loved one, or to and coming business as a gift that they highly appreciate because it’s unique.

Finally add this stunning Africa’s Big Five Hand painted Ostrich Egg to your collection today!

Free Domestic Shipping on all orders.

Africa’s Magnificent Big Five Video 

The Big five ostrich eggAfrica's big five ostrich egg

Africa’s Magnificent Big Five Ostrich Egg

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Additional information

Weight 1.69 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in

"Black", "Red orange"


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